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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the House Press Gallery?

A: The House Press Gallery is located in Rooms H-315 to H-319 in the U.S. Capitol building.

Q: Which media gallery should I contact to find a print journalist?

A: The House Press Gallery serves the needs of daily print and online publications, while the Periodical Press Gallery assists those that publish weekly or monthly, such as magazines. Both press galleries serve online publications depending on whether the credentialed publication is a daily or periodical.

Q: How do I contact a specific reporter?

A: While we do not give out contact information for reporters, we are happy to relay your contact information to a specific congressional reporter on your behalf.

Q: How do I book the studio for a press conference?

A: The House Radio Television Correspondents’ Gallery handles all bookings for studios in the Capitol Visitors Center. Please direct all questions related to studio interviews to (202) 225-5214.

Q: How can I book a pen and pad briefing for my Member?

A: The House Press Gallery staff is happy to assist congressional offices in arranging pen-and-pad briefings for a member of Congress in the gallery workspace (H-318). The gallery requires that each pen and pad briefing has a media sponsor who’s agreed to be the host and will attend the briefing. To make a request, please click here.

Q: Can I tour the House Press Gallery offices?

A: The staff of the House Press Gallery would be pleased to arrange a tour of the gallery workspace for congressional communications staff, time and space permitting. Please contact us at (202) 225-3945 for more information. Please note that the press gallery space overlooking the chamber is reserved for members of the congressional press corps only and is unavailable to congressional staff while Congress is in session.

Q: Can you credential local media interested in following my member around for the day?

A: The Daily Press Gallery can assist qualified local print media in obtaining a day-pass credential to cover a member of Congress within the Capitol complex. Local media should contact us directly at (202)225-3945 to arrange their visit and to learn about credentialing requirements.

Q: My member is hosting a special event (Gold Medal Ceremony, press conference) on the Hill and I am interested in inviting local daily media to cover the event. Can you assist in credentialing a reporter?

A: Hometown local newspaper reporters often come to the Capitol to cover their respective member of Congress. The Daily Press Gallery can assist qualified local daily media in obtaining a day-pass credential to cover a member of Congress within the Capitol complex. No special passes are needed for coverage unless previously specified. Local media should contact the Daily Press Gallery at (202)225-3945 directly. By having a day-pass credential, local daily media are afforded the same rights and privileges as the congressional press corps, including workspace and building access.

Q: Can you help me coordinate press space for high-profile hearings and events?

A: Yes, the House Press Gallery staff regularly works with committee staff, House leadership and member offices to coordinate media logistics for high-profile hearings and events. We are happy to assist in managing press RSVPs, seating arrangements and to answer logistical questions. In addition, we can be present at the event or hearing to address last-minute, on-site queries that often arise.