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Today's Votes

Roll call votes are done for the week.

The next roll call votes are expected on Monday, March 27 after 6:30 PM.


118th Congress Leadership

(As of 02/28/2023)


Dean: Hal Rogers (R), KY



Speaker: McCarthy (R), CA

Majority Leader: Scalise (R), LA

Majority Whip: Emmer (R), MN

Conference Chair: Stefanik (R), NY

Republican Policy Chair: Palmer (R), AL



Minority Leader: Jeffries (D), NY

Minority Whip: Clark, Katherine (D), MA

Caucus Chair: Aguilar (D), CA

Caucus Vice Chair: Lieu (D), CA



Officers of the House

Sergeant-at-Arms: William McFarland

Clerk of the House: Cheryl Johnson

Chief Administrative Officer: Catherine Szpindor

Parliamentarian: Jason Smith

Chaplain: Margaret Grun Kibben