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House Press Gallery

U.S. House of Representatives

About the Gallery

House Press Gallery

U.S. Capitol, Rooms H-315 - H-319

Telephone (202) 225-3945


Director - Annie Tin

Deputy Director - Justin Supon

Assistant Directors -

Ric Andersen / Edward Kachinske / Kristine Michalson


Who We Are

     The House Press Gallery accommodates members of the daily print press and enforces the rules and standards of conduct for newspaper reporters covering Congress. The gallery operates under the stewardship of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, created in 1879, and pursuant to Clause 2 of House Rule 6. The five-person staff works with the Standing Committee of Correspondents and the Speaker to supervise and administer the operations of the gallery.


Standing Committee of Correspondents, 2018

Deirdre Shesgreen, USA Today/Gannett, Chair

Tamar Hallerman, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Secretary

Karoun DemirjianThe Washington Post

Emma Dumain, McClatchy DC

Kellie Mejdrich, CQ Roll Call



     The press gallery staff helps to facilitate coverage of the House for the daily print and online media in a variety of ways. The gallery staff provides access to and maintains work space in the Capitol, including a designated area in the House chamber overlooking the floor. The staff also provides detailed information about the legislative activities of the House, both current and historical. This means creating a minute-by-minute log of floor proceedings every day the House is in session and keeping numerous records. The staff also disseminates information about bills that are coming up for consideration, amendments, rules, and roll call vote tallies. For committees and subcommittees, the staff compiles and distributes a daily list of hearings and mark-ups that are happening the next day. It is the duty of the press gallery staff to work with committee staff to ensure ample work space for reporters covering committee meetings, to keep reporters apprised of changing witness lists, and to help distribute copies of hearing testimony. In addition to answering reporters' inquiries about House activity, the press gallery staff serves as a liaison to congressional stafff about the media's operations, functions and needs. The Capitol work space has often served as a meeting ground where members of Congress, congressional staff, and reporters can talk on the record, off the record, or on background. The press gallery staff stands ready to familiarize congressional staff, members, House support personnel, and many others with the daily press gallery's operations, services, and the workings of the congressional press corps.


     Permanent accreditation for daily newspapers and online publications which cover both the House and Senate is primarily handled through the Senate Press Gallery. However, publications seeking temporary, short-term passes and passes for specific events such as joint meetings and Congressional Gold Medal ceremonies may receive them from the House Press Gallery staff.