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The House Press Gallery maintains e-mail distribution lists for credentialed members of the daily press gallery.  Only journalists who have a hard pass congressional ID indicating membership in the Daily Press Gallery are eligible to join our distribution lists.  

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  • HOUSE FLOOR & VOTE UPDATES (5-15 e-mails per session day) – Subscribers will get real-time updates about House floor activity, including the bills and amendments up for debate, voting times, order of consideration, and other changes to the schedule.  Vote outcomes and vote breakdowns for key legislation will also be included.
  • COMMITTEE SCHEDULES (one per day) – Subscribers will receive a list of the next day’s committee hearings and/or mark-ups.
  • SECURITY NOTICES (as needed) – Subscribers will receive information about relevant flyovers, street closures, protests, chamber arrests, office closures, and other security-related information relevant to journalists working in the Capitol complex.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS – Subscribers will receive notices of credentialing requirements and logistical information for events like the State of the Union, Joint Meetings, Joint Sessions and congressional gold medal ceremonies.

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